Veganism is one of the UK’s fastest growing lifestyle movements, with an almost 400% growth over the last decade, so the chances are that if you haven’t been to a vegan wedding yet, you will soon! I’ve definitely seen an increase in requests for vegan-friendly grazing tables. And while there are many ways to ‘veganise’ your big day, food is the most obvious place to start. Opting for a vegan wedding menu gives couples an opportunity to bust a few preconceptions and show their friends and family just how delicious vegan food can be. Today marks World Vegan Day and the start of World Vegan Month, so I thought it was the perfect time to share my top vegan wedding catering tips!

Consider carefully whether you will let guests know in advance

Some couples choose to tell their guests that they will be serving a vegan wedding menu, while others prefer to say nothing, or include it in their signage on the day. There’s no right or wrong decision, but if you do announce it upfront, be prepared for questions like: “Should I eat beforehand?” and “Will I have to eat tofu?”. There are still a lot of preconceptions around a plant-based diet, so it may be easier to let the food speak for itself. Often it’s the most avid meat eaters who end up asking for a recipe by the end of the night!

Don’t compromise on quality

As with any wedding catering decision, do your research and go for a tasting with your prospective caterer. There’s no reason why a vegan menu should be any less delicious! If you’re worried about your non-vegan guests’ reaction, invite a meat-eating friend along to taste test the food and give you their thumbs up. You also don’t have to limit yourself to caterers who are specifically vegan. Many wedding caterers (including the Curated Kitchen!) are only too happy to work with clients to create a bespoke menu.

Opt for a vegan grazing table

Whatever you serve at your wedding, leaving guests hungry is a big no-no. A grazing table allows them to pick and choose what they want to eat and how much, and to return for more grazing later on. Or, if you’re set on a sit-down meal, a vegan grazing table is a great plant-based option for late night snacking to keep energy high on the dance floor!

Include familiar favourites

One of the best ways to make people feel comfortable enough to try something new is to make it recognisable. A spread of tasty treats like bruschetta, homemade dips, and sumptuous salads, along with fresh produce, nuts and olives, and a selection of vegan cheeses will feel both familiar and inviting.

Don’t forget the cake

If you don’t have a vegan bakery in your area, ask your favourite baker if they can make a vegan cake for you. Chances are they’ll be happy to help, and it’s quite simple to use egg replacements and dairy substitutes. I love creating beautiful celebration cakes for my clients that complement the style of their feasting table and also meet their dietary needs.

Ultimately, your wedding is all about the two of you, so if veganism is important to you, then your wedding menu should reflect that! If you’d like to chat about vegan wedding catering or any other bespoke menu requests, do get in touch.

Dani x

Top image by: Matilda Delves

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