One of the things that sets a Curated Kitchen feast apart is that it’s not just about delicious food and curated grazing tables, but a luxury dining experience. That includes beautiful styling! My signature style is a seamless blend of heirloom and contemporary props, which creates a timeless look for your décor – the kind that will be as appealing when you look back on the photos in twenty years’ time as it is today.

Incorporating heirloom pieces is not only gorgeous, but it can be incredibly meaningful as well. It honours much-loved family members, some of whom may have passed on. It evokes the romance of a bygone era without having a vintage ‘theme’. Heirloom touches can also make your day feel more intimate and unique, and combining pieces from both families is a visual representation of the two becoming one. And, of course, you’ll have your ‘something old’ covered!

Here are my top tips for incorporating heirloom pieces into your wedding décor and styling:

Use period pieces sparingly

To create a timeless look, you want to avoid the ‘shabby chic’ or vintage trend, and that means using beautiful period pieces sparingly and combining them with modern-day touches. Pick and choose your antique additions rather than cramming them in everywhere you can. For example, you could mix vintage pewter or brass vases on the tables with modern stemmed glassware and soft silk table linens for a romantic design that isn’t tied to a particular era.

Incorporate heirlooms as serveware

One of the easiest places to include vintage pieces without going overboard is in your serveware. Look out for unique plates, stands and trays for your dessert display or grazing table. Antique trays are also a stylish way for servers to offer your guests champagne or canapés during cocktail hour.

Add drama with larger heirloom pieces

Heirloom furniture can really make a statement. For example, if you have a beautiful vintage dresser, you could use it as the base for your cake table. A chaise could be used as the focus of a lounge area or in your photobooth. If you have elegant matching antique chairs, use them to set apart the bride and groom’s places. You could even use heirloom furnishings or details as a ceremony backdrop or ‘altar’.

Don’t forget the linens

Linen is a beautiful but more subtle way to include heirlooms. Delicate lace tablecloths look wonderful paired with contemporary classic tableware – use them on just the bridal table or cake table if you only have one or two.

Choose your florals carefully

A key part of this layered look is gorgeous, abundant flowers, so make sure that you discuss the styling with your florist and let them know what you’re planning. Opt for soft, blousy blooms that will enhance the romantic look.

Put heirlooms on the menu

It isn’t just the plates and glassware that can be the heirlooms – consider paying tribute to your families through the food itself! Use favourite family recipes in your wedding catering: for your mains, desserts, or smaller items like a special relish or sauce. You could also include a note on your printed menu or in a card on the table explaining the special meaning of the recipe, and how it was handed down. Guests will love the sentiment of being included in your traditions. You could also use a family recipe for favours, like biscuits or jam.

Are you including any family heirlooms in your wedding day?

Dani x

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