I’m thrilled to have launched this exciting new phase for my business with a brand new website! On these pages, I hope you’ll join me for a behind the scenes look at the luxe grazing tables, afternoon teas, and beautiful cakes I create for events and weddings in Surrey and beyond. I’ll also be sharing recipes, menus, food styling tips and advice, and of course lots of foodie inspiration!

As this new chapter begins, I wanted to share a little insight into my background, and how I was inspired to create a business that provides an alternative to formal catering for those who want to share delicious, responsibly-sourced feasts with the people they love. It’s been an interesting journey, and it has brought me to a point where I am able to create the kind of unique, inviting culinary experiences I adore.

I love food. I love watching people’s reaction when they see and eat what I have created, and I love how food brings people together.

Looking back, it seems almost inevitable that starting The Curated Kitchen is what I would eventually do! For as long as I can remember, I have been a foodie and loved creating parties. I have vivid childhood memories of putting on tea parties for my dolls and teddies and later creating dinner parties for my mum and her friends. I don’t think she’ll mind me saying, my mum is not a conventional cook, but she’s always had a flair for creating meals from nothing (she is the master of a one pot wonder) and I think this inspired my creativity when it came to pushing boundaries and experimenting with flavours and ingredients. My process now is, of course, a lot more considered!

As a teenager I started working in restaurants, and continued in the service industry for the next fifteen years. I eventually moved into senior front-of-house roles, but would often help out in the kitchen at times of pressure. I always took an interest in the food, especially styling. Along the way, I also started a littlesideline making celebration cakes and wedding cakes, whilst working full-time as an executive assistant. (Why have one job when you can have three?!) In fact, I thrive when I have a lot to juggle! Being an EA also allows me to tap into the hyper-organised part of my brain.

It was when I fell pregnant that I came up with the idea of a pop-up vintage tea party business. It allowed me to combine all of my skills and experience, my passion for baking and food styling, and my love of organising events. (The fact that I got to collect lots of pretty china was a definite bonus!) For the past six years I have nurtured my business and gradually it has grown into something bigger, catering for large weddings and events and providing other services such as canapés and styled food stations. I am so proud of how successful it has been and how far I’ve come.

Five years ago, I celebrated my own wedding in Italy and was completely inspired by the Italian way of dining!

Long, leisurely meals with friends in beautiful surroundings, where you can graze from a variety of ‘piatti’. Feasting tables and grazing was a concept my husband and I found really compelling. We wanted something more relaxed than a formal wedding dining experience, but still luxurious and with a sense of occasion. With the current emergence of beautifully styled grazing tables at weddings, it was a natural progression for the business to move in this direction. The Curated Kitchen was born!

I love creating food that is a treat for the eyes but also really delivers on taste, and especially love combining unexpected flavours and creating a feast for the senses! I make everything in my kitchen at home with love and thought and care. Wherever possible, I like to use organic, free range and responsibly and locally sourced produce/ingredients – including from my own garden. Knowing where my food comes from (and what is on it) is so important to me, as is supporting local and small businesses, that put as much love into their produce as I do.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Buon Appetito!

Dani x

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